Weekly Routine

You may have seen my daily routine a while back. On top of having a daily routine, I find its important to have a weekly routine as well. My weekly routine is for things that I don't want to tackle every day (I am tired when I get home from work and don't want to spend my time paying bills) but need to get done regularly.

Therefore I have been building a weekly routine. The problem with a weekly routine is that it is harder to internalize than a daily routine.

So far I have managed a little bit of weekly routine at work on Mondays:

  • review open tickets and determine priority for tasks this week
  • review open tasks for items that haven't been touched in a couple of weeks
    • consider removing those items entirely or moving to a someday file
    • if they need to stay, consider their priority or if they can be delegated
  • review schedule and meetings this week
    • block out large chunks of time for tasks
    • leave the small gaps (for me, one hour or less) for other people to schedule meetings in

Here are the things I am trying to make a weekly routine:

  • process postal mail (bills, etc.)
  • do financial stuff (check accounts, verify payments, etc.)