Daily Routine

Lately I have been thinking a fair bit about my internal practices. Specifically what things I do on a daily, weekly or other regular basis. These things break out into beneficial routines and detrimental routines. Here is a snapshot of what I have captured.


- Review my todo list first thing when I get into work in the morning.
- Check my work email only a couple of times per day.
- Prioritize my work.
- Update my todo list with everything that I get done or need to do.
- Spend time on professional development.
- Get a few minutes of face time with my boss.


- Getting on my computer before work in the morning.
- Check my personal email at work more than once a day.

Then there are things I need to be doing and aren't:

- Purge items from my todo list/replyto mailbox that I have not gotten too and is not important to my goals.
- Breaking tasks into manageable next actions consistently and immediately.

What is your daily routine?

Jeffrey Hultenroutine, gtdComment