In Review: 2018


As the new year arrives, I want to look back briefly on 2018 and some highlights, in no particular order…



I asked my girlfriend of the last several years, Kalyn, to marry me after our first traumatic viewing of Avengers: Infinity War. I am certain that she said yes because she loves me and not because she just watched Bucky Barnes turned into Gauntlet Ash. There are some financial concerns that will delay legal marriage, but we are moving forward with life together anyway.

Baby Hulten In Progress


The main event of “life together anyway” is Kalyn and my first child, a girl, due at the end of April, 2019. We are both way more excited than scared, which is good.

Happy Cats

Benny and Tribble are, as always, cute and a bit troublesome. Benny gets a little impacted in his anal glands, which leads to him scooting his dirty butt on the carpet. Tribble is like a toddler… constantly pushing boundaries and forgetting why he is in trouble this time.

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